One Year Wiser

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I once had a job where my main responsibility was to write a weekly blog discussing “Best Practices” business tips based on information taken directly from Forbes Magazine and Business Insider.  I hated that job.  The company I worked for didn’t apply any of the practices I had to regurgitate through these blogs.  Luckily, I’ve been fortunate to switch to a company where I have far greater influence, and am able to apply the best practices I spent hours researching.  This is, of course, coupled with observing Casilio Communications owner Chrissy Casilio-Bluhm’s unique and fun philosophy to approaching business.

In celebration of my one year with Casilio Communications, I am sharing some “Best Practices” that I truly believe in:

Trust – Work with people you can trust across the board.  Don’t hire somebody if you can’t trust him or her to get the job done.  Trusting someone means allowing that person to take the reins on something that pertains to his or her talent.  During this past year, my confidence, and my skills as a writer have greatly improved simply by working with somebody who trusted me to do my job.

Don’t Try to Clone Yourself – Maybe by the year 3000, this will be a recommended business practice. But for now, understand that trying to build a carbon copy of yourself through your employees may do more harm than good.  This is otherwise known as micromanaging. I hate when people justify micromanaging by saying that they’re “perfectionists”. I’ve worked for employers with this trait and I have found that it prevents you (perfectionists) from using your employees to their own full potential. I worked for someone who insisted that all new employees copy her on every email. This could have been beneficial, however it proved to be a vehicle for criticism. Her critiques went as detailed as pointing out a lack of smiley faces, to contempt for phrases like  “follow up” versus “circle back”, amongst other personal preferences.  Employees were wasting time worrying about the smiley faces in emails to please the boss, instead of actually getting work done for their clients.

Common Ground – On my first day, Chrissy said to me, “Never skip on an opportunity to talk about cats.” Though she was half-kidding (she talks about cats with a lot of people), she indirectly imparted some very useful business advice – find a common ground. Interpersonal relationships are important no matter what industry you’re in.  Business is about relationships.  People want to do business with people.  Be likeable, relatable, and a friend.

Confidence is Key – Sometimes it’s difficult to detach yourself from a project once you’ve finished it.  As a writer, I rarely finish something and think it’s perfect – it can always be better. However, sometimes you need to pull away, and either bitterly move onto the next thing, or give yourself credit. This is different from listlessly spitting something out, and therefore knowing that the final product isn’t your best. The bottom line is that self-motivating outshines self-depreciation.

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March 3, 2015

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