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My email is chrissy@casiliocommunications.com.

My email signature includes nearly every possible way to contact me.

My name, biography, and contact information is listed on my company web site.

So, of course I was a bit surprised when I received this email from a potential vendor:

“Kristy, It was great chatting with you.  I appreciate the opportunity, and hope to serve you on this project and many more.”

Everyone has their moments when they may feel or act a little scatter brained. But it shouldn’t be hard to double-check the spelling of somebody’s name.

If he was unsure of my name, he could have at least tried to Google me, or check out the web site to see if he could find it on there.

Or, even better, he could have looked at the actual e-mail he had in the “To” section of the draft.


Chrissy Casilio



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July 1, 2014

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