Keep Your “Friends”

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A strange thing happened to me in the social media world.  I noticed that four people “unfriended” me on Facebook.  They weren’t people that I consider “real life” friends, but they were people that I went to high school with, and knew well enough to say hello to if I were to see them in person.

There could be a variety of reasons why they chose to unfriend me.  They could’ve found my posts annoying, they could’ve been “cleaning up their list”, they could’ve found me creepy for clicking “Like” on every single animal picture that exists on Facebook.

Regardless of their reason, the inner marketer and networker in me feels frustrated when people do this.  On the basic level: between the security settings, organizing abilities of your friend list, the “hide” buttons, etc., there are many ways to control your Facebook experience.  This applies to both information you receive, and information that you share.  You can control it all (To learn more about this – come to my next social media workshop)!

But do the people that shave down their list realize that they are flushing away a free database?  Why would you want to do that?  You never know when you’ll need it.  Whether it’s advice, job opportunities, selling stuff, having people help you find your lost pet, promoting a fundraiser…or even just the times you need moral support.  Somebody that shares even the slightest connection with you could end up helping you someway, somehow, someday…don’t wreck that chance.  Be their “friend”.



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