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I have an email saved in my “Forever File” that I will forever cherish. At a previous job, a coworker sent the entire company a manifesto regarding stolen fruit from her desk, which included a mini life lesson about how stealing is wrong.

It turned out that the fruit criminal was the person that sat behind her. Had she simply calmed her nerves and asked the people that worked in her surrounding area if they saw anybody take it off her desk…she would have saved herself from joining the “loose cannon” list.

If you’re upset about a situation…stop and think about the best, and most effective way to communicate your message. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

As a member of various committees and boards, I see far too frequently, group emails that are in all caps with run on sentences and sometimes a sprinkle of swear words. If your goal was to have your team think that you’re manic and slightly illiterate…job well done.  If your goal was to communicate your point of view…you’ve failed.

The same applies with social media, or any other format you use for communicating.  It also applies outside the business world.  I bet you’ll receive far better customer service communicating an issue at a restaurant or retail store if you stay calm.

Great ideas, and reasonable arguments are buried by over the top emotions.

Think about what you’re trying to accomplish and communicate.  Think about the best way to communicate your message. Consider your reputation.  Remember that anything in writing (or recording) is forever.

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, July 1, 2014

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