Watch Your Tongue!

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In my opinion, I swear too much. I don’t know where or how I picked up the bad habit, but it’s very rare for me to tell a dramatic story without throwing in one or two profanities.

With that being said, I am able to turn that bad habit on and off when I need to.

One time I went into a car dealership and was assigned to work with a female salesperson that appeared to be about the same age as me.

There was a little girl in the dealership that was climbing in and out of the vehicles in the showroom.  As we walked over to my salesperson’s desk, I asked her if kids frequently use the showroom as a jungle gym.

Her response:  “You wouldn’t believe what the parents let their f***ing kids get away with here.”

Excuse me?

This set the tone.  I was distracted for the rest of our appointment.

I kept tally.  Throughout the hour, she said the “F Word” seven times, and described one of her past customers as “an a**hole”, because he told her that his wife isn’t allowed to make car decisions.

I don’t know why she felt comfortable enough to speak that way in front of me; we had just met.

Keep the potty words to yourself…at least until you become a f***ing friend!



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, July 1, 2014

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